Hermes Foosball Table

No man cave, games room, chill out zone – whatever you want to call it – is complete without some form of tabletop game, and if we here at Coolector HQ had to pick one, it would, without a doubt, be the almighty foosball table. It’s the fast-paced, intensely noisy, wrist-jerking game that always ends in a head-in-hands moment for one unlucky foosball loser, and we couldn’t love it more.

Foosball is a game that can’t really be improved, or so we thought, until the Hermes Foosball Table was born. It’s a beautifully elegant and unique table that fuses three great sports: football, foosball and, yep, you probably could’ve guessed it – horse racing. So, if you’ve got obscene amounts of money burning a hole in your pocket and a penchant for table top football, look no further, my friend.

Foosball or Polo?

Filled with uniform rows of uniformed Jockeys, the striking yellow base, trim, and handles of the Hermes foosball table sit perfectly against the racing green top. The vivid jockeys’ jerseys are delicately detailed and come complete with goggles, a helmet, beaming smile and a glimmer in their eyes; think Edgar Davids and Miroslav Klose. Game on.

The table itself is crafted from Maple, so it’s built to last the most chaotic battles – even the ones where Fergie time is needed to decide the winner. The “field” is made from Swift calfskin leather for that super-luxurious feel, and each Jockey’s jersey is painted with silk paint – there’s no shirt-pulling allowed on this pitch. The refined aesthetic of the Hermes Foosball Table showcases some serious leather work, highlighting the upholstery, saddle-stitching and polishing skills of its makers.

Luxury is always the name of the game so far as Hermes are concerned but they’ve really pushed the boat out with this spectacular Foosball Table. Needless to say, this isn’t the sort that will end up down your local boozer, being kicked by irate players when someone scores a fluke or won’t stop spinning their players.

Doesn’t Come Cheap

Tipping the scales at an eye-watering $68,000, this might not be the most affordable foosball table on the market but it’s definitely one of the most unique, unusual and luxurious. Expertly crafted and sumptuously stylish, the Hermes Foosball Table is practically a work of art and you’ll spend as much time admiring it as you do playing it most likely.

This foosball table really does play up to the luxury nature of the Hermes brand and it’s probably not the table for Sunday League-style foul play, but, for the Pirlo’s of the foosball world, The Hermes foosball table is your grand stage and we’re loving everything about it here at Coolector HQ (barring the gut-wrenching price tag, perhaps).

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