PDF Haus All In One Keyboard

We love a good concept design here at Coolector HQ and we’re looking for one, PDF Haus is always a good place to start because there are few with a better eye for conceptual detail. It has proven to be the case once again with this excellent looking PDF Haus All In One Keyboard which he has come up with alongside another designer by the name of Seokmin Jang. There is a lot to appreciate in the sleek aesthetics of the design and the projected capabilities that it would have.

The PDF Haus All In One Keyboard is designed to be a computer essential that is also capable of charging your array of devices such as smartphones and the clean, understated geometric design will appeal to those who demand a neat, ordered workspace for their day to day creativity endeavours. As with most of the concept designs from PDF Haus, the All In One Keyboard is, first and foremost, a visual treat and then you can start to think about what it’s actually capable of doing.

Sophisticated Design

When you first look at the All In One Keyboard from PDF Haus, it might not immediately seem to fit in with how you think a keyboard should look and it’s not until you delve into how it would operate and the clever design features that it has that you really begin to appreciate its aesthetics and capabilities. This cracking concept design has a keyboard which fits snugly within the cuboidal design and this keyboard has a striking trackpad and wireless charging dock that can charge your keyboard, headphones, phone and the like.

Visually speaking, we love the understated and clean lines of this All In One Keyboard from PDF Haus and we’re pretty sure that there will be other similarly inclined minimalist lovers out there joining us in hoping that this concept design comes to fruition sooner rather than later. It is designed to use capacitve ‘feather’ touch while typing so it retains the sleek and understated visual impact that really sets it apart.

It has a a cylindrical accessory to place under the keyboard so that it is at just the right angle to ensure you can always type easily and comfortably on the go. The concept design is made to work with a Microsoft Surface style stylus and this is important for those working in the creative industries where precision is essential to how you work. This great feature really adds to the functionality of the design and would make it a popular choice amongst designers in all walks of life.

Wireless Charging

The feature of this concept design that really appeals to us at Coolector HQ is that of the wireless docking station built into the design and this is something that should really be incorporated into more keyboard designs because of the amount of time most of us spent on a computer day in day out. This neat little design touch is the stand out feature of the PDF Haus All In One Keyboard and we’re loving how its been integrated into the design.

Whilst it’s not currently a keyboard that is available to purchase, this fantastic concept design has got all the features that we’d look for in this sort of tech accessory. Amazing aesthetics, thoughtful design and the sort of versatility that will appeal to all those looking for the perfect workspace ally when working in the creative industries.

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