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We’re always coming across new brands here at Coolector HQ and one that we’d hitherto been unaware of but who are now well and truly on our radar go by the name of Hex and they were bought to our attention after we discovered their painfully awesome Legion collection of backpacks and carries. Whenever we’re in the market for a new carry, we head online in search of cool brands and Hex is undoubtedly one of the coolest we’ve come across lately with their superb collection of backpacks and other assorted accessories.

Hex were founded by a music loving pair by the name of Dan Maravilla and Trent Valladares who gradually drifted away from the 80’s California music scene and into the accessories game and we’re certainly glad they did because they’ve come up with some absolute belters and their Legion collection of carries is definitely amongst our favourites here at Coolector HQ.

Their stylish collection is crafted from heavy olive green oil-waxed canvas twill, with faux leather brown trim and burgundy logo lining for a highly distinctive and understated cool look which appeals to our own particular tastes at The Coolector. Check out some more shots of the Hex carries below:





These sartorially stylish offerings are pleasingly affordable given their obvious quality and for any chap after a backpack or other form of carry with unparalleled style appeal, these offerings from Hex are likely to tick plenty of the right boxes. This Californian brand are newcomers to us at The Coolector and we’re mightily relieved to have now discovered them because they boast a fantastically diverse collection of carries and other accessories and, it’s safe to say, we want pretty much one of everything.

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