Secret Hitler Game

The name alone of this game might perhaps hint towards its origins and you won’t be surprised to hear that Secret Hitler is the latest offering from Cards Against Humanity helmster, Max Temkin.

Secret Hitler is funding (dramatically well) over on Kickstarter as we speak and is billed as a social deduction game for 5-10 players about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler. What this means in actuality is that it is a game that is divided into two teams – one team fascists and the other liberals – with the overriding objective of discovering the secret Hitler.

The objective of the liberal team is to pass 5 liberal policies or assassinate Secret Hitler. The objective of the fascist team is to pass 6 fascist policies or elect Secret Hitler chancellor after 3 fascist policies have passed. Sounds complicated but it actually looks fantastic fun and you can check out a few shots from their Kickstarter campaign below:





We love madcap games like Secret Hitler here at Coolector HQ and given the overwhelming amount of support the project has received over on Kickstarter (closing in on $500k at time of writing) it would appear that we’re not alone in this love.

For those of you who want a game that will get you talking in 2016, there is still plenty of time to throw your support behind this brilliant looking Secret Hitler Game over on Kickstarter which should help them reach their great stretch goals like art prints and wood placards to compliment the game itself.

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