Hex x Tillit Bartender Backpack

The accessories brand Hex have undertaken some awesome collaborations in their time and their latest will definitely be to the liking of bartenders out there. The first class Hex x Tillit Bartender Backpack has all the makings of being the mixologist’s bag of choice for flairing on the go and has some great design features that will help to facilitate this. Hex are an award-winning fashion accessory brand and when they announced the release of its new Hex X Tillit Bartender Backpack, made in collaboration with hospitality workwear designers Tilit and Eamon Rockey, NYC spirits professional, mixologist and founder of Rockey’s, excitement was understandably high.

The Hex x Tillit Bartender Backpack has a price tag of $195 and will become the go to accessory for professional bartenders out there with its excellence functionality and versatile performance. The backpack has been carefully developed to carry every tool of the trade imaginable from stirrers, strainers and knives to bottles, spoons and books. There are two elements to this carry, with the main outer bag and an internal kit bag which can be carried separately over the shoulder to make it all the more versatile.

Brilliant Barkeeping

For mixologists and serious bartenders, chances are you’re going to need a lot of kit to hand to make the delicious beverages that customers ask for and with this Hex x Tillit Bartender Backpack you’ll never be far from your tools of the trade. The main bag is a backpack, or when the straps are tucked away, it can be held like a briefcase. It it capable of storing a cutting board, shakers, tins, glassware, bottles, iPad, laptop, clothes, books, shoes and more. The exterior is a coated canvas making it water and dirt resistant and robust enough to stand up to daily bar use.

The Hex x Tillit Bartender Backpack ($195) has an interior which is insulated, padded and boasts adjustable flaps for simple customized packing configuration while keeping glass and tins safe. The internal essentials kit bag nestles inside the main backpack but pops out as a stand-alone case. It’s designed to hold shakers, strainers and tools in a compact case you can stash behind the bar.

Positively packed full of features, the Hex x Tillit Bartender Backpack showcases the accessories brand’s dedication to thinking outside of the box and delivering products that are useful for all walks of life and professions. Some of the stand out elements of this cracking carry for bartenders includes the water-resistant coated canvas exterior, insulated, padded interior, tuck-away shoulder straps and the fact it can be used as a backpack or briefcase style carry.

Excellent Design 

Hex are one of the best in the business so far as bags and accessories are concerned and this Hex x Tillit Bartender Backpack is a fine example of this fact. For anyone working behind the bar who is seeking the ultimate in functional accessories for all your mixology requirements, this is sure to tick all of the right boxes.

Available for $195, this fantastic accessory from Hex is definitely going to resonate with the bartenders out there and the excellent materials used and sheer scale of its functionality really does set it apart from the competition. For anyone with a love of mixology looking for their next carry, look no further.

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