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We’ve noticed an increasing number of American watchmakers of late here at Coolector HQ and one of the finest we’ve encountered is that of VAER Watches who don’t just offer some of the coolest looking timepieces but do so for an exceptional price. Their impeccable looking watches are assembled in the United States and with prices starting at just $149, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more impressive watch for a more affordable price. The brand was founded by Ryan Torres and Reagan Cook in Los Angeles in 2015, based on a shared appreciation for product design, the outdoors and high-quality NATO straps.

VAER Watches strive to build timepieces for men who care enough about their EDC to invest in tools and products that will to stand-up to their adventurous lifestyle. They have tried their very best to craft designs that are robust, timeless, and extremely straightforward to repair. In addition to being passionate about their watches, they are also firm believers in promoting American craftsmanship and protecting the great outdoors – something that we can definitely get on board with here at Coolector HQ and which sets this watchmaker apart from the competition.

First Class Objective

With the desire to create the perfect $150 watch, the team at VAER have already created an incredible catalogue of timepieces to choose from the idea is to craft a watch you never needed to take off. A timepiece you can wear with confidence wherever your adventures take you that is simultaneously timeless, uncompromising and, above all, affordable. We love the noble endeavours of VAER here at The Coolector and there are certainly an American watchmaker who are beginning to make considerable waves in what is a highly competitive industry.

VAER Watches are available in a number of different styles and strap materials so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your wrist in 2019 and with prices that begin at $149, they don’t break the bank. There were a few essential design elements that VAER knew they wanted to make sure they include in flagship timepieces – namely, having easily interchangeable bands, a 10ATM water depth rating, sapphire crystal glass and a Swiss quartz movement – and the end result are some of the classiest looking watches that you’ll come across.

The small batch assembly is another element of the makeup of VAER Watches which really makes this watchmaker a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ. Each and every watch is hand-assembled and tested in Los Angeles by their team of Swiss trained technicians so the quality of the finished really is second to none. The leather bands on their watches are cut and sewn in Los Angeles from premium American cowhide and provide a tangible level of quality to proceedings and will look great as they age with their own unique patina.

Durable, Adventure Ready Watches Built for the Outdoors

There is a real spirit of adventure which permeates the design of these watches and they are built for those with a love of the great outdoors in mind. The principal objective of VAER is to build products that will last, and that will become more important and personally significant over time. They are rightly proud to be an American brand, and they strive to carry on the USA’s rich history of innovation and exploration.

The wonderful price, small batch production and eye-catching aesthetics of VAER Watches all combine to make them a compelling choice to be your next timepiece. We’re loving the understated style and vintage visuals of their great looking timepieces and the fact they boast high end materials throughput and a Swiss made quartz movement really does make the fact you can get them on your wrist for under $200 all the more extraordinary.

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