Hiller Dry Goods Currency Blankets

If like us here at Coolector HQ, you find the choices of cool blankets for men somewhat lacking, you might just want to sit up and take notice of the rather awesome looking Currency Blankets from Hiller Dry Goods that will add a touch of aesthetic awesomeness to your home whilst also delivering a toasty warmth when being used day in day to add a visual impact to any room in the home.

Hiller Dry Goods are billed as born in Detroit and reborn in Austin and they were founded in Detroit in 1904 by the current owner, Nick Hiller, great-great-grandfather – namely, Walter J. Hiller – who was a 23-year-old German immigrant with expertise in textiles and men’s clothing and they’ve undergone a rebirth in that time to become the brand you see today and the Hiller Dry Goods Currency Blankets are the cornerstone product of their line up to date.

Blanket Brilliance

The theme of currency was chosen for the first rate blankets from Hiller Dry Goods because textiles were once used as currency by ancient cultures and this is something which is reflected and celebrated in this cracking line up of wares from this top notch Texan purveyor of home goods. These eye-catching blankets reflect this history of currency by converting modern banknotes into woven throws which are immeasurably cool and impeccably crafted.

For homeowners on the lookout for something that bit more eye-catching and striking than the norm will be well served by these Currency Blankets from Hiller Dry Goods and because of their insularity, there is a real honesty to banknotes – insomuch as this is who we are, this is what we value – and this unquestionably delivers an interesting and engaging window into the national soul. Stylish, versatile and sumptuously crafted, these blankets are going to really add a touch of class to any room and we’re loving their aesthetics here at Coolector HQ.

The Hiller Dry Goods Currency Blankets have precisely focused on specific design components of their best-loved banknotes from all over the world and have made it their goal to give them new life in an ancient form in the shape of these fantastic blankets. With ten blankets to choose from, each focusing in on a certain section of a nation’s banknote, you’re sure to be able to find one that fits in admirably with your own interior design endeavours.

Interior Excellence

With currencies from Australia, USA and Hong Kong to name a few, there is plenty of different styles and colours that can be chosen from and if blankets are on your home furnishing list for 2018, you’re not going to find many better or more unusual than these ones from Hiller Dry Goods out there.

We’re big fans of the eclectic design principles that have gone into the designs of the different currencies all over the world and they have been superbly captured in these brilliant Currency Blankets from Hiller Dry Goods. Made from 100% cotton and woven in North Carolina, there is an unparalleled sense of quality to these blankets that make them just about as comfortable as can be.

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