Funxim Wireless Charging Pad

In today’s tech heavy workspace, keeping things as uncluttered as possible is often easier said than done but with great pieces of design like this Funxim Wireless Charging Pad, which is funding on Indiegogo now, you can ensure that charging cables are not an issue in your own workspace and keep your various bits of kit juiced in some considerable style.

The Funxim Wireless Charging Pad is a highly efficient and effective Qi wireless charging pad which is capable of powering up your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. Built to cater for those with a love of modern Apple devices, this great charging station looks the part and delivers a mighty impressive charging performance that doesn’t take up an abundance of space in your workspace and helps you concentrate on your work in hand.

Taking Charge

This eye-catching piece of tech has been made with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Apple Watch in mind and will ensure that if you’ve got one of these accessories in your pocket or on your wrist, you’ll always have a fantastic means of charging them right there in your workspace. Capable of implementing the quick charging functionality of the latest series of iPhones, the Funxim Wireless Charging Pad is even powerful enough to charge your smartphone with your phone case on.

The Funxim Wireless Charging Pad does also work with Android phones and is available in both black and white colourways in order to fit properly with the design aesthetic of your workspace. It has a charging conversion rate of over 80%, which means that you can charge both your iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously with ultra speed and efficiency. This magnetic charging pad fits seamlessly into any style of workspace and the elegant and slimline design makes for a visually superior product.

One of the main benefits of the Funxim Wireless Charging Pad is the fact you don’t need to take your case off every time you want to charge your smartphone and for those of you with particularly fiddly cases, this will likely be music to your ears. This great little accessory has the sort of understated visuals that will be important to those with creative workspaces who don’t want to disrupt the flow of their desk and the fact it cuts down on the number of wires cluttering it up is a real blessing for many.

Tech Ready Workspace

Today’s workspace is invariably overflowing with various pieces of technology so anything to make your desk more ordered and organised is alright in our book here at Coolector HQ. Funding on Indiegogo now, the Funxim Wireless Charging Pad will be perfectly suited to those who always want a charging solution within arms reach and the minimalist design and top notch performance combine to make it suited to any contemporary workspace.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a means of keeping your smartphone and Apple Watch fully charged in your workspace, you’ll not find many better candidates for the job than this superb offering from Funxim. Intuitive, boasting innovative, top of the range tech, we’re definitely looking to get our hands on one here at The Coolector.

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