Hitman Go

If like us, you let the godawful Hitman movie sully your enjoyment of the franchise, it might just be time to let bygones be bygones and bring yourself into the Hitman fold once again and the reason for the this is the rather awesome looking Hitman Go game for tablets and smartphones.

This version of the franchise is quite a departure from the stealthy 3rd person action of the previous iterations and takes the form of a turn-based strategy game whereby you need to carefully move across the landscapes to avoid being detected. Visually, it looks entirely different to what you’d expect from a Hitman game and we here at Coolector HQ have heard nothing but good things about this entirely new direction for Agent 47.

If you’re wanting to get back involved with some stealthy antics but want a bit of a change of pace and a game that actually makes you think then Hitman Go definitely looks like it will sate all these appetites and we here at The Coolector are going to be getting our hands on this cracking looking game sooner rather than later.

Available: iTunes

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