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Hiut Denim pride themselves on “doing one thing, and one thing well”. Indigo jeans, built to last. The factory is located in the small town of Cardigan, on the west coast of Wales. 400 people from the town used to work in the denim trade, then one day the factory closed, leaving 400 people unemployed. Years later, the idea of Hiut Denim was born, and now the company employs many of those original craftspeople in their new factory. Hiut’s “Grand Masters” are now producing some of the finest denim you’re likely to fine in any country. With music and coffee depending, they are tipping the factory line at 100 pairs per week.

The brand has started somewhat of a revolution in British manufacturing; with their forward-thinking business model, willingness to use innovative promotional skills and keeping on top of social trends. In fact, over the past few months they’ve been one of the brands using Twitter’s sister social network site, Periscope, to great reception. Letting their fans sit in on weekly design meetings, presentations and factory days are all things we want to see these days. Check out a video and a few shots below of the innovative radio idea below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]https://youtu.be/fznmyQAyrew[/youtube]



Their use of social media hasn’t stopped there, and have recently introduced yet another exciting way for their fans to feel connected to the brand. The Hiut Factory Radio is a jukebox powered by Twitter, and sits in pride-of-place in the centre of the factory floor. Fans across the world can request a song to be played on the radio, simply by using the hashtag #HiutMusic, followed by the artist name and track title. The system instantly detects a new song request, and is added to the playlist. Depending on the locational origin of the tweet then determines the colour displays on the Factory radio – the further away the tweet, the warmer the colour on the radio’s interface.

Hiut feel music is a big part of their business, and the Factory Radio gives fans across the world an instant connection to the brand, and the skilled people who make their jeans. The track history can be viewed online, along with an ever-growing locational map, made up of each song request.

We think this is a pretty fantastic way to feel involved and connected to a brand, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

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