Hobo Jack The Board Shed Collection

The guys at Hobo Jack are a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ so far as graphic tees are concerned and, quite frankly, we’re yet to see a brand that releases new designs as regularly and excellently as this British lifestyle colossus. The latest release from Hobo Jack is their skateboarding inspired The Board Shed Collection which has a slightly baggier fit than the norm and will offer the ultimate apparel for those with a love of hitting the half tube.

Hobo Jack were founded back in 2014 and they were one of the first brands we wrote about on the pages of The Coolector and it’s incredible to see how far they’ve come in the last five years – firmly establishing themselves as one of the UK’s leading graphic tee brands. Their latest series, The Board Shed Collection, has seen them join forces with Dan Katchi to capture the awesomeness of their vibrant striking designs and there are plenty to choose from so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your own summer wardrobe.

Skate On 

There is a highly distinctive tattoo inspired aesthetic to a lot of the tees from Hobo Jack but this new The Board Shed Collection has a much more playful vibe that we’re loving here at The Coolector and if you’re wanting to add some more relaxed and eye-catching apparel to your line up of summer wares. There are 12 brilliantly creative designs to choose from in this brand new collection from Hobo Jack and they boast illustrations from the likes of Gabriel Hollington, Jimmy Moughtin and more.

The Board Shed Collection from Hobo Jack offers a fantastic range of tees that are pleasingly affordable with each T-shirt costing just £20 so, if you’re anything like us, you’ll definitely be adding a few of this collection to your summer wardrobe rotation. All of the board tees in this top class range are printed on Hobo Jack’s new Heavy Duty Tee – something which is currently exclusive to this range.

We’ve been following the progress of Hobo Jack for years now here at The Coolector and the fact they herald from our neck of the woods means we appreciate their progress even more. They so consistently release first rate new collections of tees to be enjoyed and if you’re of a skateboarding persuasion, this The Board Shed will unquestionably be right up your laid back street. All the tees in the range are 100% cotton with a soft but heavy pre-washed fabric for a more robust and durable tee. It is also a slightly baggier fit which if you’re husky like us, you’ll appreciate.

Summer Vibes

Summer might be winding down now but we’re hoping there will still be a few more warm weeks of weather to enjoy before the sun retires for the year again and we’ll definitely be looking to rock some of these superb Hobo Jack The Board Shed Tees here at Coolector HQ for what remains of the British summer. The quality of these T-shirts is, as we’ve come to expect from Hobo Jack, second to none and their comfort and style is off the charts.

Priced at just £20 per tee, you’d be mad not to add at least a few of The Board Shed Collection to your line up of graphic tees and we’ve certainly got our eyes on the Chameleon, Live Fast Speed Camera and Road Hog tees here at The Coolector. Regardless of your style, if you love awesome, well made graphic tees, Hobo Jack are a brand for you and there is no better place to start than with this epic The Board Shed Collection.

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