Hold Fast Gear Sightseer Backpack System

For those of you built for adventure and heading on countless trips into the great unknown and other travelling pursuits, chances are you’ll want to document these activities and taking pictures is a must. Cameras can be cumbersome pieces of equipment so making sure your choice of carry is spot on it imperative and that’s why we’ve well and truly got our eye on this excellent looking Sightseer Backpack System from Hold Fast Gear.

Hold Fast Gear are an American purveyor of first rate carries and accessories and they’ve got a particular penchant for the creation of wares that help those of a photographic mindset port their goods about – something that is well and truly typified by their glorious Sightseer Backpack System.

This first rate accessory really is the ideal solution for any regular thrill seeker who likes to keep their camera close and boasts all manner of impressive features not least the fact it is the only bag in the world that has an integrated slider for the camera which lets you to have instant access to your device to make sure you get the shot. Take a look at a few more shots below:











Available in three different colours – olive, navy and black – the Sightseer Backpack System from Hold Fast Gear will come in a form to suit all style requirements. This is genuinely one of the coolest, most versatile bags we’ve seen that specifically tailors to those who like to keep their camera close at hand. If you’re heading into some spectacular wilderness terrains over the next few months, make sure you’ve got one of these strapped to your back.

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