Scrip Digital Wallet

If we’re being honest, we seldom carry around any form of cash amongst us here at Coolector HQ and rely almost entirely on cards and other technological innovations like ApplePay. As such, it seems there is a very real shift away from tangible money and toward digital currency and it’s for that reason that we have been left so intrigued by a spectacular piece of innovation that goes by the name of the Scrip Digital Wallet.

The Scrip Digital Wallet is, in essence, designed to be a sort of bridge between traditional currency and the digitised version we’ve all become so accustomed to. This clever piece of design describes itself as being the ‘tangible future of digital cash’ and achieves this by being an all-encompassing cash device, basically the same as having an ATM in your pocket.

It can simply be pre-loaded with your spending cash from a bank, smartphone, or ATM and it is crafted to deliberately turn off our financial autopilot that we have when paying for goods today. The Scrip Digital Wallet pushes the right psychological buttons in our minds that holding tangible money triggers and subtlety helps us to understand each bill spent or received in a way that spending on ApplePay or with contactless cards simply cannot. Take a look at a few more shots below:






We’re all for technological innovations such as this Scrip Digital Wallet but it’s not until you see how well it operates in the real world and integrates with all the different ways in which we shop that you can truly pass judgement on it but early indications are certainly promising.

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Leo Davie