Honda Project 2&4 Kart

Honda are certainly one of the more impressive car makers when it comes to innovation and they’ve just announced something which piqued our curiosity here at Coolector HQ and it goes by the name of the Honda Project 2&4 Kart which will be debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

This obscenely awesome looking steed is billed as a lightweight, open air kart that will provide, in the words of Honda, an “immersive driving experience” and, having taken in its spiffing looking design, who are we to argue.

With a 999cc V4 superbike motor acting as the catalyst for its speed and performance, you’ll definitely get an adrenaline rush when razzing round the track in one of these amazing speed-merchants. Check out a few more shots below:


Project 2&4 concept

Project 2&4 concept

The Honda Project 2&4 Kart was the winner of the company’s Global Design Project and it is said to provide the freedom of a motorcycle with the manoeuvrability of a car which is no mean feat indeed and when you couple this with the genuinely striking design, it very much looks like Honda are onto a winner.

Extremely lightweight and incredibly robust, this Honda Project Kart will win plenty of admirers when it is showcased at the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt and there will be a lot of motor enthusiasts joining us here at Coolector HQ in hoping it hits the market sooner rather than later.

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