HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Home

Getting on the property ladder today is no easy undertaking and there is no real light at the end of the tunnel in terms of affordable housing, particularly here in the UK which makes the fact that these incredible looking HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Homes are currently only available in North America.

As the name suggests, the HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Homes are crafted from disused shipping containers and boast an sensational amount of space and can be decorated as you see fit. The HO4 consists of four, forty foot shipping containers joined together and whilst this might not sound like a lot, you’ll be mighty impressed with the floor space on offer and they can be configured as either a 3 bed 1 bath or a 2 bed 2 bath offering.

Shipping Forecast

When you think about your dream home, chances are that shipping containers aren’t the first thing to spring to mind but this is probably quite a narrow minded attitude (one that we too were guilty of here at Coolector HQ) because when you look at the style, versatile living and sheer floor space afforded to you within these amazing looking HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Homes, you’ll soon change your mind – particularly when you fact in the price tag of just $180,000.

The HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Home boasts a spacious living room, well appointed dining room, not to mention a full kitchen which has been finished to an impeccable standard with twenty nine feet of floor to ceiling glass to deliver amazing views wherever you choose to situated your dwelling.

With the four shipping containers that are joined together to provide an absolutely amazing, exceptionally functional and stylish living space in a total of 1216 square feet, it’s hard not to be impressed with what has been achieved here. It really is amongst the most spacious and efficient single level home you can imagine for this amount of money.

Affordable Living

A price tag under $200,000 for a three bed home is something that will appeal to a lot of people in North America and whilst HONOMOBO don’t currently offer their shipping container homes here in Europe, we hope that there are plans afoot to do so because they really are superbly conceived, designed and crafted and have left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Measuring 32ft wide and 40ft deep, the spacious dwellings are so well designed and the fact that you can tailor them to your own requirements through a number of upgrade and room customisations merely serves to add to their appeal still further. If you’re seeking a home in North America and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, the HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Home might just be the perfect solution.


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