Hookie Co Racoon Motorbike

There are some motorcycle workshops out there who really are a cut above in terms of the calibre of steed they are capable of creating and Hookie Co are one such name that immediately comes to mind for us here at Coolector HQ. As if to reinforce this fact, we introduce you to the supremely cool looking Hookie Co Racoon Motorbike which is, without question, one of the most robust performing and eye-catching contraptions from this German workshop to date.

Dresden based workshop, Hookie Co, have been responsible for some of our favourite bike builds to date here at The Coolector and the Racoon Motorbike might just be one of their most accomplished creations so far. This majestic looking machine really does have a stealthy style to it that we’re loving and it has been wonderfully restored from a workhorse of a bike in the shape of a classic BMW boxer.

Ride to Glory

The Racoon Motorbike from Hookie Co takes its design inspiration from the 1979 BMW R100/7, and it has been built with reliability and day-to-day performance as the two most important components of the overall design. There has been a conscious effort not to over tune the engine or wrap the pipes of this first class steed and, on the face of things, it is a simple, well-packed scrambler bike in Hookie’s typically understated style but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that the Dresden shop went to town to bring this airhead up to scratch.

Great to look at and even better to ride, the Hookie Co Racoon Motorbike started its journey to the excellent machine you see before you by taking out the motor and sending it to specialists Sport-Evolution, for a complete rebuild. Then they repainted it in a dark grey metallic color, and media blasted the valve covers for a like-new finish that draws the eye and will turn heads everywhere this bike goes.

There are loads of little design details that really bring this bike to life including the fact that Hookie Co built up a new subframe with a subtle kick in the tail which is rounded off with a dark brown leather saddle, designed just long enough for a passenger or a bit of luggage. In addition, the workshop also custom-built a luggage rack for the left side of the bike which has been specifically designed to carry a handmade saddlebag from Wheelborne in Richmond, VA.

Real Attention To Detail

It is clear to see that Hookie Co have a real passion for restoring bikes and making the designs their own and this shines through in the brilliant looking Racoon Motorbike. It has LSL handlebars, Biltwell Inc. grips, a Koso speedo and Motogadget switches and Hookie also included a Brembo master cylinder, a new, slim gas cap, and new foot pegs all round to ensure that this bike looks as good as it rides.

The Hookie Co Racoon Motorbike boasts a subtle monochrome paint job, which has been carried out by Hookie’s painter of choice, Adrian Flor, and gives the bike an unparalleled visual impact. Bits like the wheels and frame have been redone in flat black to round it out and the overall aesthetic really is second to none.

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