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There are few seasons that are tougher on a man’s skin than that of blustery and chillier autumn and that’s why we’ve turned our attention to finding some awesome grooming supplies here at Coolector HQ. Well, we’ve found a first class purveyor of all things grooming in the shape of Horace, a French brand that make grooming essentials for men who want to take care of themselves.

Horace’s grooming products are all natural, easy and pleasing to use, and deliver really great performance in terms of protecting your skin all year round. The various different skincare goods from Horace are all formulated using ingredients with proven benefits to the skin and you’ll see tangible results from this if you get your hands on some of their fantastic wares this autumn and winter.

Take a look at some of the best Horace grooming products below:

Horace Strengthening Conditioner – £13

This natural conditioner from Horace (£13) is a great addition to your grooming regime in 2018. It will moisturise and soothe your hair and scalp and leave your hair feeling better than ever before. The Horace Strengthening Condition will give your hair body and tonicity, while the kokum butter it boasts will make sure that your hair stays nourished and shiny throughout the day. The conditioner’s ginseng will strengthen and tone your hair. This excellent grooming product from Horace is gentle and suitable for all hair types. It worked wanders on ours at Coolector HQ. (£13)

Horace Cream Pomade – £11

This natural cream pomade from Horace (£11) boasts a medium hold with a natural finish for great looking hair day in, day out. If you favour the increasingly popular “just got our of bed” look, this cream pomade is just the ticket and will give you exactly the right amount of hold. The moisturising shea butter and strengthening conditioner sapote butter make this fantastic pomade really easy to rinse off at the end of the day. It will be your greatest ally when it comes to impressing your friends with your eye-catching hairstyle because it has some great ingredients and an unparalleled performance. An essential addition to your wash bag and we love the hold it supplies at The Coolector. (£11)

Horace Italian Bergomat Shower Gel – £9

One’s choice of shower gel is an important one because chances are you’ll be using the same one on a daily basis if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ. This superb Italian Bergomat Shower Gel will make your daily shower feel like a trip to Capri, with a truly delicious aroma. Its bergamot and peppermint scent will evoke memories of Italian beaches and trips to sleepy restaurants on the promenade. This natural shower gel cleanses without irritating courtesy of the coconut by-products it has as active ingredients and the witch hazel floral water will soothe your skin. (£9)

Horace Face Scrub – £10

This top notch Horace facial scrub (£10) will gently remove impurities and deeply unclogs pores, which is great for you because it leaves you with a clearer and healthier skin. It contains seeds and butter extracted from Murumuru, which is a Brazilian palm tree best known for its nourishing benefits, something that your face will appreciate if this becomes part of your daily grooming regime. For a soft skin and a better tone, there are few better products than this Horace Face Scrub. (£10)

Horace Deodorant – £11

After some two years of working on its development with the support and feedback of their customers, Horace’s natural deodorant stick (£11) is proving mighty popular. It is alcohol and aluminium-free, and doesn’t have any harmful ingredients used in its crafting. This wonderful deodorant will effectively reduce odours while never leaving white or yellow stains on your clothes. It will rapidly become your best friend when it comes to staying fresh in all situations. It has a eucalyptus, sage, and rosemary scent which doesn’t leave any residue and is extremely simple to apply. (£11)

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