Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric Bike

When you think of Harley Davidson you inevitably think of classic motorbikes tackling the roadways of America. You probably don’t think of electric motorbikes. Well, times they are a changing and Harley Davidson are making sure that they change with them hence the announcement of the rather excellent looking Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorbike. This spectacular steed will rocket two-wheeled performance into the future with an eye-opening selection of features that help set this ride apart from the competition.


The Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorbike is a real departure from the norm for this iconic workshop but, we’re pleased to report, they’ve ensured that they’ve ensured that their aesthetics stay on point and this machine truly is a sight to behold. The LiveWire will likely become the benchmark for all other electric bikes such is the quality on offer and it’s so quiet that the only thing you’re hear whilst riding is your heart racing.

Compelling Design

One of the first things that you’ll notice with the LiveWire Electric Motorbike from Harley Davidson is how it delivers instantaneous power the second you twist the throttle – no more having to release the clutch, no gears to work your way through and it’s now simply a question of flicking your wrist and away you go. Electric bikes are increasingly becoming the norm as more and more people are looking for more environmentally friendly steeds and, quite frankly, they won’t come much cooler than this one from Harley Davidson.

Boasting incredibly agile handling, the Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorbike has 17″ wheels (something largely responsible for its agility), Michelin®sport tires and fully-adjustable Showa® suspension to ensure that it always delivers a mighty comfortable ride. And, in addition to all this, you also get the confidence that comes from traction control and cornering enhanced anti-lock brakes. This is the quality that we’ve all come to expect from Harley Davidson, just wrapped in an electric package.

Technologically superior, the LiveWire Electric Motorbike is a most impressive ride to say the least. It has seven different riding modes which will effortlessly allow you to dial in your ride. The music and GPS of this first class contraption are controlled by a state-of-the-art touchscreen infotainment system which is also Bluetooth enabled. The EV powertrain means there is little service required for this bike and will get you where you need to go in some considerable style.

Worth The Wait

Harley Davidson expect the LiveWire Electric Motorbike to be available to purchase in 2019 so you hopefully won’t have too long to wait in order to get your hands on one of these breathtaking steeds. Each one will come with an on-board Level 1 charger and can be charged through most standard household outlets. It’s also fast charge capable for when you need to get on the move in a hurry.

It’s fair to say that Harley Davidson are a workshop synonymous with the motorbike industry and it’s heartening to see them enter the electric bike arena because it is sure to compel others to follow suit. This magnificent, majestic looking ride delivers the same thrilling ride you’d expect from a Harley but just much more smoothly and with electricity coursing through it instead.

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