Horizon Work Station

Clutter is the enemy to productivity in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and finding a workspace that helps to tackle this and keep you focused is something that is much easier said than done. That being said, however, you do come across designs from time to time which just work and stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what has happened here with the excellent looking Horizon Work Station that has got us wanting one real bad.


The Horizon Work Station is the handiwork of designer, Pavel Vetrov, on behalf of Cube44 and it’s understated aesthetic, sleek lines and clever features all combine to make it a real winner in our books here at The Coolector and for any creative individual looking for a new workspace, you’ll be hard pressed to find one more conducive to productivity than this one.

Productivity on the Horizon

With so many distractions all around us in modern society, it can be extremely difficult to sit down and concentrate on one’s work and, invariably, it is the type of workspace that you opt for that will have a big bearing on just how productive you will be. The Horizon Work Station boasts a supremely understated aesthetic that combines form and function and delivers the ideal area in which to focus on the job at hand in a comfortable and creative environment.


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We love minimalistic furniture here at The Coolector so it is of little surprise to us that the Horizon Work Station has resonated so much and we dare say there will be a whole host of designers, writers, artists and other creative types who have been crying out for a workspace as cool and versatile as this one from Pavel Vetrov.

Whilst the design is nothing revolutionary in terms of materials or visuals, it is just so well conceived, designed and executed so that the finished product is a workspace that will serve as a creative catalyst and have the added benefit of adding to the aesthetic appeal of your property considerably.

Clean Lines

The design of the Horizon Work Station lends itself to being the ideal workspace for creatives because it gives you an abundance of working space but, through clever design features, helps ensure that this space doesn’t become cluttered in a hurry. With an effortlessly cool finish that really makes it perfect for modern, minimalist homes, the Horizon Work Station from Pavel Vetrov is sure to find plenty of favour amongst those looking for the perfect new workspace over the next few months.



A truly inspiring piece of design that is at once innovative and striking whilst maintaining an impressive level of versatility and functionality that will allow you to use it for much more than a workspace should you so please. The Horizon Work Station definitely gets two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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