TomTom Adventurer GPS Outdoor Watch

Living an active lifestyle is something that we all strive for but, it’s fair to say, it becomes that bit easier when you’ve got top of the range pieces of technology helping you achieve your targets and goals and this is an area in which smart watches are beginning to excel more and more. With so many now on the market to choose from, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd but such are the incredible specifications and features of the TomTom Adventurer GPS Outdoor Watch that it is simply too good to be ignored.

The TomTom Adverturer GPS Outdoor Watch is, as the name suggests, a smart watch built with the great outdoors in mind and if you’re the sort that lives an action packed lifestyle filled with adrenaline pursuits and adventure, this is unquestionably the gadget that you want on your wrist.

Explore with your Heart

With an objective of getting people active and providing compelling information and data about their activities, the TomTom Adventurer really is an impressive device and one positively filled to the brim with eye-catching features that adventurous sorts are going to love. It provides an unparalleled ability to accurately track all of your outdoor activities such as running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and hiking – to name but a few.

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Consumers have long been waiting for a device which can accurately track our activities and the TomTom Adventurer could just be what we’ve all been waiting for. It boasts all manner of engaging and useful features and just some of the most impressive of these include a built in heart rate monitor, GPS, compass and barometer tracking, multiple outdoor sports modes and an integrated music player. All in all, a mighty accomplished device and one that adrenaline junkies are really going to love.



One of the biggest draws of the TomTom Adventurer Outdoors GPS Watch is the fact that it assists you in planning your adventures as it lets you upload a trail onto your device before you set off on your trip. This allows you to go off and explore unchartered territory and find your way back to the start with the GPS-based trail exploration functionality of the device. It’s a big wide world out there and the TomTom Adventurer will help you discover it.

Real Time Insights

Smart watches are all well and good but a problem with many in the past is their inability to deliver the sort of real time intelligence to actually make a difference to your activities. Not so with the TomTom Adventurer which provides live stats on the fly, which includes things like Altitude, 3D Distance, Ascent, Gradient, Pace, Calories burned and many more besides. The beauty of this is that it means you know the terrain and how to take it on more effectively.




We love technology here at Coolector HQ and it’s heartening to see the tangible improvements in smart watch technology and the TomTom Adventurer is a tailor made device for those who love the great outdoors and want a constant companion providing actionable real-time intelligence every step of the way. Great looking device with mighty impressive features – a definite winner in our books.

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