Hov Pod Hovercraft

Let’s face it, there’s not a man out there who hasn’t, at one point or other, wanted to own a hovercraft but they are not cheap and they are far from easy to store but if this is a desire that you can’t give up on then you might as well opt for one of the most awesome out there – namely, one of these fantastic looking Hov Pod Hovercrafts.

Available in a number of different sizes i.e. three seaters through to seven seaters, the Hov Pod is a super cool looking contraption that can be used both on land and water and the latest incarnations are crafted from a Carbon Fibre / Kevlar composite with HDPE (not that we know what that is) and if you planning on ditching your car for something considerably more awesome, the Hov Pod is surely it. Check out a few more shots of it in action below:





Technologically superior and aesthetically excellent, the Hov Pod is definitely a steed that we’d like to have hitched up outside Coolector HQ and there is going to be all manner of chaps equally as impressed with its specifications.

Whilst hovercraft ownership perhaps isn’t the most practical endeavour for the average fellow, one can but dream and if we were to have it our way, we’d be arriving to work each day aboard a Hov Pod.

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