HRVNT Axes & Hatchets

For those who are really serious about their outdoor adventures, having a sturdy, reliable and robust axe or hatchet is a must for tackling all that the wilderness has to offer and, quite frankly, you’re not going to find any cooler ones out there than this first class line up of Axes & Hatchets from HVRNT. Impeccably well made and boasting some amazing artwork to really bring them to life, this is an essential piece of kit for enjoying the great outdoors.

HVRNT aren’t newcomers to the pages of The Coolector and we’ve encountered their wilderness loving ways previously in the form of their superb apparel and accessories and these HRVNT Axes & Hatchets are equally as awesome and perfectly suited to those who are handy and want to really get to grips with all the outdoor excursions that can be enjoyed when getting back to nature. An essential piece of kit to have in tow for any sojourn into the wild, these smashing pieces of design are right up our aesthetic street here at Coolector HQ.

Adventure Ready

A real cut above most other axes and hatchets you’ll find on the market, these offerings from HRVNT have a real stand-out aesthetic which is achieved courtesy of the hand-drawn and wood burned illustrations which are found on the handles of these great looking accessories. For those of you with a love of nature and fantastic illustration endeavours, you’ll be in your element with the wide array of axes and hatchets there are to choose from within the HRVNT stable.

The HRVNT Axes & Hatchets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your wood cutting and adventure loving requirements. Each one of these excellent looking accessories is made in the USA and come with leather sheaths to ensure they are properly kept when not in use and will last longer as a result. We love the illustrative work of HRVNT and this is something which pervades each of these axes and hatchets wonderfully well and really brings them to life in a whole new way, making them the perfect ally for any camping trips you’ve got planned over the next few months and beyond.

With ten different hatchets and axes to choose from, you’ll not be short of options with this range from HRVNT, which has clearly been heavily influenced by nature as you would expect from this adventure loving American brand. With so many to choose from and each one made to exacting standards, it’s hard not to be impressed and if you count yourself as the outdoor loving sort who wants to be responsible for cutting your own wood, this will be right up your street.

Restoration Perfection

The vast majority of the HRVNT Axes & Hatchets have been restoration projects and each one that they restore has a cleaned-up and sharpened head. It has then been re-hung with a brand new hickory handle, wooden wedge and metal cleat to deliver the phenomenal looking accessories you see before you.

HRVNT are a brand that we’ve got a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ as they go about producing all their wares in the right way and have a striking, illustration orientated aesthetic that we absolutely love. If you’ve got some adventures planned over the next couple of months and you want some well-made eye-catching means of chopping your wood in tow, look no further.

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