Lomo Instant Square Camera

Taking photos has become part and parcel of daily life for everyone with a smartphone but, truth be told, the vast majority of these photos will sit in the camera roll of your iPhone never to see the light of day. For those of us who want something more tangible and memorable, the excellent looking Lomo Instant Square Camera, which is funding (extraordinarily well, we might add) over on Kickstarter right now is the ideal solution and looks to be a most impressive device indeed.

The Lomo Instant Square Camera is the world’s first fully analogue instant camera for Instax square film and it has been a long time coming for those photography aficionados after old school style print outs that will provide more memorable snapshots of your adventures. Lomography are obviously an established name in the world of cameras so the quality on offer here is of no concern and it boasts an abundance of super cool features that immediately set it apart from the competition.

Instant Satisfaction

As mentioned, the real draw of this impressive looking bit of kit from Lomography is the fact it is the world’s first fully analogue camera that can be loaded with the incredibly popular Fujifilm Instax Square Film. In addition to this, the Instant Square Camera also has a 95mm glass lens for fantastically sharp photos, an intuitive and advanced automatic mode which will ensure each shot is perfectly exposed. When you consider it also has unlimited multiple exposures, a self timer, a portrait glass lens attachment and a whole heap more, it’s not difficult to see why it’s rapidly approaching half a million dollars in funding over on Kickstarter.

The Lomo Instant Square Camera boasts a compact and foldable design that ramps up its portability and you can choose from five different colours to find the one that matches your own personal sense of style. It is the perfect camera for capturing life’s adventures and actually providing tangible photographs that you’ll love to keep and won’t just sit unused on your smartphone. Memories are made to be looked at and this cracking bit of tech from Lomography will ensure you can do exactly that.

With unlimited multiple exposures, colour gel flash filters, a remote control shutter release and much more besides, everything is included in the box for you to get out there and start snapping your adventures right away. With a square 1:1 format which, of course, is what instant photography is synonymous with, you can really capture some stunning imagery with this superb looking camera and an auto mode that adjusts shutter speed, aperture and flash output; and ensures that your shots are perfectly exposed each and every time.

First Class Features

Everywhere you look with the Lomo Instant Square Camera, you’ll discover excellent little features and design touches which will make it your go-to camera for all of life’s little adventures. This includes a glass lens for super sharp busts, an eye-catching foldable bellows design, an LED exposures counter, self timer and a remote control shutter release to name but a few.

For those of you with a spirit for adventure and who want to capture these memories on a tangible piece of photography that you can hold with your own two hands, this Lomo Instant Square Camera is an absolute must. It’s flown past its funding target on Kickstarter and you still have plenty of time to pick one up for a bargain price. You know what you need to do.

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