Needless to say, Apple rejuvenated the mobile phone industry when they delivered the first iPhone but things have stagnated a little over the last few years in terms of sheer innovation but all that might be about to change with the announcement of the HubblePhone from Turing Space Industries. This stunning looking smartphone is quite unlike any device you’re likely to have seen before and boasts a performance that is off the charts.

The HubblePhone from Turing Space Industries is a incredibly futuristic device which has an advanced vision system and the effortless blending of four products – namely, a revolutionary multi-screen smartphone, a 5G communication device, a professional grade camera with advanced image and HD video editing software, and, last but not least, a mobile gaming console – in a never-seen-before, exceptionally versatile handheld device.

Space Age Technology

Described as ushering in a new dawn of mobile phone technology, the HubblePhone embraces the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.), by allowing the user to control the HubblePhone with their voice or via lip reading, something which entirely reinvents how a smartphone will be utilised going forward. This stunning piece of technology from Turing Space Industries has plenty of standout features but chief amongst them is the multi-dimensional screen and camera system which allows users to make calls by simply saying a name or number with voice or by silently moving their lips.

The HubblePhone makes everything so effortless and it will auto-sync all of your vital information, which includes photos, contacts and emails from your current smartphone, PC, Mac or Cloud services via H-Sync™. In addition, it will automatically manage your most frequently used apps, calls, messages whilst also securely storing your vital information on the device’s secure storage space.

The 5G provides up to 50% faster data speed, compared to current 4G networks courtesy of 3GPP’s 5G NR standard. 5G NR allows HubblePhone users to download or stream 4K video content in a matter of seconds. Hubble ShowTM will be the world’s first mobile entertainment hub, which will host television shows and music videos that will capitalise upon HubblePhone’s Multi-screen API and 5G NR speed to offer multi-dimensional entertainment programs which can the be displayed on one or more HubblePhone screens.

Phenomenal Photography

Another unparalleled feature of the HubblePhone from Turing Space Industries is the calibre of its camera. It boasts a micro-space-telescope camera that has 15X optical zoom and a video editing software application that utterly outshines any that are available on today’s smartphones. In addition to this, the HubblePhone also delivers additional cameras across different screen surfaces to suit all types of mobile photography from professional quality portraits, action packed scenes to common selfies.

As you might expect for a smartphone of this considerable quality and innovation, the HubblePhone doesn’t come cheap. Turing Space Industries are targeting a Q1 2020 official worldwide release. It come with a price tag of $2,749 with availability in the US by June 2020, Europe by August 2020, China by September 2020, and the rest of the world by December 2020. So, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen then you’ve still got time to start saving up for this stunning smartphone.

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