Huckberry Finds: Best Barware and Drinkware

Now, we’re not going to lie, we’re partial to a tipple or two here at Coolector HQ and it’s for that reason that we’re regularly on the hunt for great drinking accessories and barware to fill our headquarters with and, as luck would have it, the guys at Huckberry have more than their fair share of awesomeness in this regard.

Check out some of our favourite booze related brilliance from Huckberry below:

Carry On Cocktail Kits

Any regular flyer will know that kicking back with a delicious cocktail is the only way to travel and the guys at Huckberry have got an awesome selection of Carry On Cocktail Kits tailor made for imbibing in the skies. It provides everything you need to mix two proper cocktails at 30,000 feet such as .5oz jiggler, bar spoon, linen coaster and a bottle of tonic syrup. All you need to do is flag down the stewardess and add the booze. ($20)

GrowlerWerks uPint

Craft beer is our tipple of choice here at The Coolector and that’s why it’s normally products that are geared towards the amber nectar that we gravitate towards, such as these brilliantly crafted and super cool uPint vessels from GrowlerWerks which can be found at Huckberry for a bargain price. These top notch receptacles are robust enough for outdoor adventures and if there is a cooler aesthetic than this industrial looking one for knocking back your favourite craft ales, we’re yet to see it. Made from food grade stainless steel with double-walled vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold, these definitely won’t let you down out in the wild. ($30)

Bartender’s Knife

If you’re serious about your cocktails and want nothing but the freshest ingredients, you’re going to need to do some chopping during the drink prep so this ace looking Bartender’s Knife on Huckberry should definitely be part of your drinks cart line up. The multifunctional design has a multi-purpose blade which can be used to slice, peel and pick cocktail ingredients with ease and ensure that the finished drink looks the part and, more importantly, tastes superb. Made from hardwood and high quality steel, this will be your go-to cocktail assistant for years to come. ($33)

Mount Everest Glasses (Set of 2)

Don Draper style drinks demand a touch of class and that’s what you’ll be getting with these excellent Mount Everest Glasses, which come in sets of two, and will deliver an eye-catching focal point whilst you enjoy your favourite boozy libation. This set of two handblown whiskey glasses which are crafted from premium lead-free glass feature a raised topographic impression the world’s most recognisable and challenging peak, Mount Everest. The clever design immediately draws the eye and will make a great addition to your whisky drinking line up. ($40)

One Full Circle Growler

This exclusive to Huckberry, One Full Circle Growler from Miir is ideally suited to those who love their craft beer and want to be able to take away their favourite tipple from their local watering hole and out into nature. The One Full Circle Growler on Huckberry is based on artwork from Andrew Holder whose wide range of published and commissioned work spans National Geographic to The New York Times and this top class boozing accessory has a four-pint capacity, built-in pour handle, thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation and will keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours. ($70)

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