Hudson Made Worker’s Soap

To be brutally honest, most men won’t care which soap they use – they won’t typically proffer an opinion when asked what soap they want to buy. This is true unless, of course, we happen to come across something that looks so awesome that it overcomes our passive attitude to soaps and one such example of this is the brilliant looking Worker’s Soap from Hudson Made.

Hudson Made are based out of New York and have a desire to return to traditional roots of American manufacturing and this is something that positively shines through in their excellent selection of vintage, rustic looking wares – something that their Worker’s Soap typifies. Originality and daring to do things a little different are both actions that set Hudson Made apart and if you’re demanding in ensuring your various goods are made in the right way, you too will probably find plenty that catches your eye amongst their superb selection of goods.

The Worker’s Soap from Hudson Made is an artisanal product that will really rejuvenate your hands with its various active ingredients, this manly looking product is endowed with the aromas that you’d associate with its rugged aesthetic such as tobacco, cedar and patchouli. Put simply, this is probably the sort of soap that Ron Swanson would use which is enough of an endorsement for us here at Coolector HQ. Check out a few more shots of this cracking Worker’s Soap below:





If you’re the sort of man that pays attention to the sorts of soaps you have in the bathroom and you want something that is going to showcase your manly credentials then a few bars of Worker’s Soap from Hudson Made certainly won’t go amiss. We’re big fans of the way Hudson Made choose to do things here at Coolector HQ and you can see that a lot of effort has gone into the craftsmanship of each of their wares but it is their superbly branded soap that has really caught our eye.

Price: $16

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