Hummingbird Prodrive Electric Bike

Needless to say, we’ve seen a fair few electric bikes cross our path here at Coolector HQ but not many can offer the versatility of the Hummingbird Prodrive Electric Bike with its foldable frame which makes it the ideal ally to the commuter on the go. This fantastic steed from Hummingbird is incredibly lightweight and has one mighty impressive power to weight ratio which will help to set it apart from the competition.

The Hummingbird Prodrive Electric Bike has a weight of just 23lb (or 10.4kg) which means that it will be extremely easy to port about when not in use such as when you get onto a busy train and need to reduce down the size by folding it up. The innovative design of this magnificent looking ride, coupled with the fact it is an electric bike really does make it an impressive machine and one that will be very appealing to those commuters that find space at a premium.

First Class British Manufacturing

Hummingbird are a British brand that stand by the considerably quality of their creations and seldom is this more evident than with the superb looking Prodrive Electric Bike. Considerably lighter than your typical folding e-bike and boasting a highly striking aesthetic, there is an awful lot to like about these brilliant looking rides. It has a rear hub drive which stores both the 250-watt motor and the 160-Wh lithium battery, and this is important from a visual perspective as it delivers a clean frame with no added battery pack causing an eye-sore.

Wonderfully well made, versatile and with a top level performance, it’s easy to see why excitement is high amongst the commuting cycling fraternity about the Hummingbird Prodrive Electric Bike. It uses your Bluetooth-connected smartphone to take on the position of on-board bike computer and through this, you can use your phone to control everything from power, monitor usage, run navigation, perform remote diagnostics, and placing a lock on the rear drive wheel for extra security and peace of mind when parked.

With a motor that you operate with a pedal-assist drive and which the rider activates by carrying out three backpedal revolutions after getting speed up to 5 mph. Once you’ve done this, the motor will then adjust the amount of assistance based on the rider input and will also close itself down automatically after two minutes of inactivity. The Hummingbird Prodrive Electric Bike boasts a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and delivers just under 19 miles (30 km) of electric-assisted range. And perhaps best of all, the battery will be fully charged in just two and a half hours.

OK Commuter

Whilst the rather punchy price tag of just under £4.5k isn’t going to make this ride immediately accessible to the average commuter or cyclist, for those who do want an ultra lightweight, electric bike that has versatility in spades, the Hummingbird Prodrive is going to be tough to beat.

For those of you with urban commutes which take in any combination of bicycling, public transportation, staircases and traversing through tight spaces, you’ll be blown away by the performance of the Hummingbird Prodrive Electric Bike in these scenarios and that’s why it’s definitely going to appeal to an awful lot of city dwellers the world over.

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