IceMule Coolers Boss Backpack

Whilst it may be the case that summer is well and truly winding down now, there might just be a few sunny days left to get out into the wild and enjoy an outdoors adventure and, let’s face it, craft beer and good food will make any trip into the great outdoors a better experience and that’s why you’ll want one of these IceMule Coolers Boss Backpacks in tow for any last minute autumn adventures.

IceMule were born from the objective of changing the common cooler as you know it and to make it softer, yet more robust and they’ve reached the pinnacle of this with their superb looking IceMule Coolers Boss Backpack. They wanted to break boundaries and beliefs so far as design and materials are concerned and ensure that you are able to take an ice filled cooler whether you want to go. You’ll be amazed with the performance and capabilities of The Boss from IceMule and it’s available for pre-order now.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Described as offering the ultimate in ice retention and extremely portable to boot, the IceMule Coolers Boss Backpack already has plenty going for it and it’s easy to see why those with a love of camping, hiking and craft beer are already loving what they see. The fact this cracking outdoors accessory lets you crack open cold beers, hour after hour, day after day, mile after mile is definitely worth the money in our opinion here at The Coolector and it’s certainly built to last and won’t let you down on any outdoor adventure you’ve got planned.

It has premium, multi-day ice retention which is then joined by a best-in-class suspension system which lets you go the distance and safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the best backpack cooler ever put together – bar none. It’s cleverly designed in order to be extremely easy to both load up with ice and beers and also to make sure that it’s not difficult or cumbersome to carry around with you. It is 100% waterproof and the IceMule Coolers Boss Backpack will float on water and even has extra space with three external, insulated cargo pockets.

The performance of the IceMule Coolers Boss Backpack really is second to none and is born from the fact that it is engineered in the same manner as a premium technical backpack which means you can take this cooler to places where no other cooler would dare tread. It keeps drinks colder, longer and, more importantly, it moves in the way you move so it won’t ever be responsible for slowing you down on your adventures.

Keep Cool

It is the ice retention feature of the Boss Backpack which really impresses and it is surrounded by a 3cm closed-cell PolarLayer XT™ Insulation foam that provides the true multi-day ice retention. Also, you can add air with IceMule’s exclusive IM AirValve™ to achieve a level of insulation that is, quite simply, unparalleled by any other cooler you’ll find out there.

Robust and durable in the extreme, this top class camping accessory from IceMule is made from welded seams, alongside proprietary MuleSkinfabric, which means the Boss Backpack is entirely waterproof and will be right by your side on adventures for years to come. Impressively, it can easily handle over 60lbs of weight which means you’ll be lugging around enough craft beers to last for days.

Leo Davie