Newton Espresso Coffee Maker

When it comes to design, keeping things simple is often the best way to go and this is clearly that this awesome looking Newton Espresso Coffee Maker has taken on board as it delivers a brilliantly delicious cup of coffee in a devilishly simple piece of design that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

The Newton Espresso Coffee Maker is basically a clean, minimalist and effortlessly simple lever press coffee maker but it is elevated to new levels courtesy of the striking design that it boasts and the fact that it will add to the aesthetic room of your kitchen as well as providing the tasty beverages you crave.

Design Led Coffee

As with many of the best designs, the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker started as an idea dreamt up by two designer/engineers who were a generation apart in age – one old school, one new school. Something that invariably brings about the best of both worlds so far as achieving design perfection is concerned. The name Newton itself is, as you might expect, a knowing nod to the engineering and principles that underpins the operation of the machine itself.

With a, seemingly, simple objective in mind – namely, to design and craft a minimalistic espresso machine for the home or studio that consistently delivers barista quality espresso – the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker was born and will soon be making its mark over on Kickstarter, sure to be snapped up by caffeine addled individuals such as ourselves here at Coolector HQ. This cracking contraption is well aware of the importance of grinding the beans, warming the machine, heating the cup and controlling the pressure when it comes to crafting the perfect coffee and it gives you all the tools you require to achieve this.

There are plenty of stand out features that you’ll want to get to grips with when deciding whether the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker is for you. Firstly, it is a non-electric device which ensures that it is more portable and durable than the norm and little or no maintenance required for it. It is also wall mountable so you can easily append it to a functional surface in your kitchen and be wowed with the visual impact it delivers alongside those delicious cups of espresso coffee.

Under Pressure 

As you’re likely aware, pressure plays a big part in providing the perfect cup of coffee and the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker doesn’t disappoint in this department. Boasting 8 – 10 Bar Pressure and top quality seals, piston design and leverage system which will always provide you with the capacity to generate the high water pressure needed to craft a mouth watering espresso coffee just the way you like it.

For any coffee lovers out there on the hunt for a brilliantly designed and highly versatile coffee making solution, the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker, which will soon be debuting on Kickstarter, is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes and we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these caffeine creating contraptions here at The Coolector.

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