ICON BR 4×4 Vehicle

When we think of our next vehicle here at Coolector HQ, it is certainly leaning towards a 4×4 of some sort and, as luck would have it, there are plenty of excellent machines to choose from out there but few are better than the ICON BR 4×4 Vehicle so far as off-roading awesomeness is concerned. This mighty impressive looking beasts offering an uncompromising ride and the sort of old school cool aesthetic that we gravitate towards at The Coolector.

ICON are a workshop that was was born as a response response to the direction they had seen the collector market heading. As demands and expectations on classic cars grew so did the desire for contemporary performance combined with classic styling. The ICON BR 4×4 Vehicle is a real sight to behold and the fact you can really customise the finished product to your own requirements and style tastes is the real icing on the cake and means you can truly make this ride your own.

Bold, Robust Performance and Style

Everywhere you look with these BR 4×4 Vehicles from ICON you’ll bear witness to the attention to detail and quality materials that have gone into their crafting and showcases why these monstrous machines are becoming more and more popular amongst fans of contemporary vehicles looking for the ultimate in off-roading excellence. Some of the stand out features in the design include a five speed manual transmission, an Atlas ll part time transfer case with a crawl ratio of 87:1, vented and slotted power disc brakes and a dedicated .180″ wall chassis with unmatched rigidity.

The ICON BR 4×4 Vehicle is clearly inspired by many other machines on the market but takes these inspirations and delivers a stunning vehicle in its own right that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ. Striking aesthetically and with a performance that is beyond compare, it certainly isn’t difficult to see why these machines are positively flying off the proverbial shelves. It is the restored, vintage Ford Bronco body that will be immediately recognisable to fans of classic cars and the fact you can have a painted gloss or matte body finish, in almost any conceivable colour ensures that you get exactly the look you’re after.

With such an abundance of options to choose from when designing your own specific ICON BR 4×4 Vehicle, you’ll love just how hands on you can get with the look and feel of the finished product. You can choose things like a Sport Suspension package (with nitrogen charged remote canister shocks) or a Sport Brake package (with Brembo six piston front, four piston rear calipers, slotted rotors with 7075-T6 billit aluminium hats, hyrdoboost assisted) that adds an impressive dimension to proceedings.

Customisation the Key

It is the ability to customise so many different elements of the design of the ICON BR 4×4 Vehicle that will appeal to off-roading adventure lovers out there and some of the most eye-catching additions you can opt for include a winch and recovery gear set, custom leather interiors, various different audio & navigation systems (Carplay / Reverse Camera / Sat-Nav / AM / FM / Speakers / Amp / Bass).

If, like us, you love the thought of owning a 4×4 vehicle, you’ll get plenty of what you’re looking for with the awesome looking BR machines from ICON. Impeccable design, coupled with first rate components makes this fantastic looking vehicles a real contender for your next ride if you’re in the hunt for a 4×4 and we’re loving everything about them here at Coolector HQ.

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