Bertucci Titanium Field Watches

There is something about the simplicity and rugged elegance of field watches that really does appeal to our timepiece loving side here at The Coolector and we aim to seek out the best for our readers which led us firmly to the doorstep of Bertucci and their magnificent line up of titanium field watches which are, without doubt, amongst the best in the business from a performance perspective.

The beauty of Bertucci Titanium Field Watches lies in the fact that they are both original and authentic in design and uncompromising in performance and this is something that truly sets them apart amongst this type of timepiece. They have a firm belief that innovative design and attention to the smallest of detail matters and this is something which will be abundantly clear when you get your hands on one of their impeccable timepieces. It is this drive, passion, and unerring integrity that drive Bertucci in the watches they make and they’ve certainly made fans of us here at Coolector HQ.

Field of Dreams

Boasting a rugged aesthetic and impressive performance, these Bertucci Titanium Field Watches are going to appeal to an awful lot of men out there and their magnificent, minimalistic design is a real winner in our eyes. These timepieces are original and authentic and each one is designed and manufactured from the ground up with a real passion for delivering the ultimate in adventure ready performance. Built for surviving the day to day challenges that come may come way, whatever they may be, these Bertucci Titanium Field Watches come in a variety of different styles and materials so you’re sure to find one that matches your own particular tastes when it comes to timepieces.

Incredibly well priced considering just how well made and designed they are, most of the first class watches from Bertucci can be on your wrist for under $250 so if you’re after an affordable and robust field watch then you, sir, need look no further. A watch is only as good as the materials used in its construction and Bertucci® is the leader in the arena of titanium field watches. They boast the widest array of titanium case shapes, sizes and finish treatments on the market and titanium is their material of choice for most of our timepieces as it delivers unparalleled performance characteristics of durability, lightweight comfort, and corrosion resistances.

Titanium is a high performance alloy that provides the highest strength to weight ratio of any material and equals the strength of stainless steel with with only 50% of the weight which makes it the ideal choice for these adventure ready Bertucci Field Watches. There is a pleasing and tangible sense of robustness to these Bertucci Titanium Field Watches and you’ll feel it the moment you place it on your wrist. Coupled with the innovative and ergonomic design, quality materials, premium features and components, there are simply no other field watches quite like this on the market. As a result of their Durability By Design® certification process and the basis for their Promise Of Performance™ warranty, you can have every confidence your field watch will last for years to come.

Considered Design Approach

When Bertucci design these fantastic titanium field watches they study the ways in which it will be worn and used by people that demand the most from the products they depend on. This approach needs a balance of both form and function to ensure that the creative processes, engineering, and manufacturing are all carried out with the utmost attention to detail and performance. With such an affordable array of field watches to choose from, it really isn’t difficult to see why Bertucci have really set themselves apart as a leader in the style of timepiece and we’re loving their wares here at The Coolector.

For any man seeking out a reliable, fairly priced and top performing field watch, you simply won’t find a better range to choose from than those of Bertucci. As robust as they get courtesy of their titanium construction, understatedly cool and with an adventure ready performance, these exemplary timepieces are certainly ticking all our boxes here at Coolector HQ.

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