Icon Defender D90

Driving off-road is, lets face it, infinitely more enjoyable than hitting the motorways but you’re definitely going to need the right machine to tackle the most demanding of off-road terrains and we dare say that you are unlikely to find many more suited to tackling hills, slopes, mud and mountainous obstacles than this excellent looking Icon Defender D90.

The Icon Defender D90 come to fruition based upon a very simple premise – namely that car lovers typically love the aesthetic of the Land Rover Defender – but this doesn’t mean to say that this iconic vehicle doesn’t have its limitations from a technical standpoint. And that’s where the Icon Defender D90 steps up to plate and delivers a vehicle that boasts the glorious visuals of the Defender and comingles them with a decidedly more resilient and high performing machine.

By not deviating too far from the original design of the Defender but supplementing it with some eye-opening specifications, the Icon Defender D90 takes this legendary vehicle and essentially puts it on a whole new level of performance. No nonsense features abound, each added to increase and enhance the performance of the vehicle, it is hard not to be impressed with this fantastic design project and you can check out a few more shots below:
















Though we’re not massively into cars at Coolector HQ, we always on the hunt for great examples of design and engineering and the superb looking Icon Defender D90 unquestionably falls into this category. If you love the look and feel of the Land Rover Defender but want something a touch more reliable then this is likely to be just the vehicle for you.

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