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One’s workspace will be one of the most crucial components of getting stuff done and the desk will be the catalyst for creativity for many so an uncluttered, minimalist design will invariably be the choice for most and the excellent looking NIK Desk which is funding over on Kickstarter right now could just be the ideal solution for your home working requirements.

The NIK Desk is billed as a re-imagining of the simple desk design that we all know and love but it includes a whole host of clever little touches and design features which are integrated with the intention of ramping up your productivity and making your work life more streamlined. The NIK Desk has all sorts of cool features that set it apart such as shelves which serve as universal charging stations, bookends and cable organisers, ergonomic edge for comfort and a standing height work surface as a tool-less attachment.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new desk which is versatile, incredibly functional and understated then you’ll find all this and more with the superb looking NIK Desk which couples excellent design and materials with a genuinely intuitive workspace which is tailored to most modern working environments. Take a look at a few more shots below:

NIK Access Cable Tray

NIK Cable Channel

NIK Cable Tray

NIK Color blk blk

NIK Desk 1

NIK Desk 3

NIK Desk 4

NIK Drawer

NIK Standing Support

We often find ourselves on the lookout for a cool new workspace solution here at Coolector HQ and the NIK Desk is as close as we’ve come of late to ticking all of our aesthetic and functionality boxes. If you too have like what you’ve seen with this spiffing piece of design, there’s is still plenty of time to get behind the project on Kickstarter and pick one up for a bargain price.

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