Igloo Reactor 30 Can Cooler Bag

Craft beer is never far from our grasp here at The Coolector and, as summer is upon us and we’ll likely be heading out into the wild (or our own backyard at least), we’ll need something to help keep the amber nectar cool and tasting its best. Enter this fantastic looking Igloo Reactor 30 Can Cooler Bag which boasts abundant space for plenty of your favourite tipples on a hot summer day.

The Igloo Reactor 30 Can Cooler Bag has a price tag of $100 which, considering it can hold thirty of your most cherished craft beers, is a small price to pay in our opinion. This ace accessory is a camping essential and it is crafted from a fully welded design with a leakproof zipper and liner to prevent spills and leaks.

Keeping Cool This Summer

The Igloo Reactor is a convenient, high quality cooler bag with a vast 30-can capacity which will be more than enough for a day or two of camping out in the wild. Most of us wouldn’t drink 30 beers in a single sitting. Unless it’s a special occasion, of course. This top notch cooler from Igloo has a comfortable shoulder strap which makes it a cinch to carry – even when you’re lugging around enough beer to sink a battleship.

Igloo are legends in the cooler industry and for good reason. One of their latest releases, this Reactor 30 Can Cooler Bag ($100), is perfect for all your outdoor adventures in the coming months and the compression moulded base doesn’t slide around when you set it down so you can put it down with confidence your craft beers aren’t going to make a break for it.

Side and top handles give you additional ways to carry and the side handles double as tiedown loops to make the Igloo Reactor 30 Can Cooler Bag a mighty versatile bit of kit. It uses advanced insulation which will keep your drinks and food cold for up to two days so it can be taken on those camping trips into the wilderness safe in the knowledge your beverages will be cool for 48 hours.

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