Legacy Overland 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

The 1980s gave rise to some extraordinary machines and few were more adventure ready than the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 and this restoration from Legacy Overland of a 1986 release brings it back to former glories and, quite frankly, makes it much better than when it first rolled off the production line.

The Legacy Overland 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 is the sort of vintage-vibing machine that we always gravitate towards here at The Coolector and if you’re in the market for a bold new ride in 2021, you’ll not find many better candidates for the role than this. This California lifestyle-inspired, fully restored ‘86 Toyota Land Cruiser is a striking yet refined combination of reliability, authenticity and comfort. What’s not to like?

Superior Interior

The interior design of this breathtaking FJ60 from Legacy Overland exudes class and 1980’s nostalgia. The perfectly designed interior comes replete with full-grain, furniture-quality distressed leather on the iconic hand-woven Harris Tweed fabric, which has been imported from Outer Hebrides north of Scotland and delivers an impeccable balance between refined adventure luxury and functional style.

On the floor of this Legacy Overland 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, you’ll find that it’s been covered by vintage Porsche square weave with leather edge trim throughout the cabin. The audio excellence is ensured through a vintage-correct looking Bluetooth enabled media receiver and heart-pumping eight JBL speakers, and active subwoofer powered by a 1000 watt amplifier.

This Desert Storm Tan painted FJ60 is not just a sophisticated, stylish truck, it has been completely rebuilt from the ground, up. This Land Cruiser boasts a rebuilt 2F 6-cylinder gasoline engine which has been mated to a manual gearbox and transfer case. To the front, the FJ60 features a Hi-lift Jack on X-rack bumper mounts, KC Hilites auxiliary lamps, and a roof rack rope to carry the truck through any exploration. After an adventure-ready machine? You’ve just found it.

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