The Imitation Game

Alan Turing was, without question, one of the pivotal figures of the Second World War and without his wonderfully analytical brain, the outcome may well have been considerably different. Turing was the man responsible for decoding the German Enigma machines that were used to send highly sensitive coded messages throughout the German Army and Turing devised the machine responsible for deciphering these messages.

With the importance of the man in mind, it is little wonder a film has been made to document his genius (and indeed his struggles for acceptance) and this film goes by the name of The Imitation Game and, as you can see from the trailer above, it looks to do a highly admirable job of showcasing exactly how integral Turing was to the war effort.

The Imitation Game is directed by Morten Tyldum who is perhaps best known for Headhunters and stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Portman. Cumberbatch plays Turing, a tortured genius mathematician, cryptologist and computer scientist who was put in charge of cracking the coded messages being sent by the Germans and help the allies prevail in WWII. This excellent looking film looks to superbly capture the era and the unparalleled importance of the role that Alan Turing played in the Allied war effort but also touches upon how he was persecuted after the war for his homosexuality which, at the time, was considered illegal.

We’re definitely looking forward to this first class looking offering that celebrates the life of a true British hero and we’ll certainly be one of the first in the queue when The Imitation Game hits our screens in November.

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