Jack Spade Pilot Bags

A well made bag is a must for any man and, it goes without saying, there are so many options out there when it comes to carries but you ought opt for established quality when it comes to a travelling accessory and there are few better that we’ve encountered of late than this excellent new collection of Pilot Bags from Jack Spade.

Jack Spade have released this series of Pilot Bags as part of their autumn line up and they look fantastically stylish and boast functionality in, if you’ll excuse the dreadful pun, spades. Available in a variety of different sizes and shapes, these Jack Spade Pilot Bags forego the regular fare of leather and opt for the lightweight offering of nylon for enhanced portability.

With three different styles to choose from – the barrel duffel, the lift pack and the Nylon Pack Messenger – you’ll be sure to find the perfect choice for your requirements. So, if you’re planning short weekend breaks and city trips aplenty this summer a Jack Spade Pilot Bag might well be your chief ally. Check out a few more shots below of these top class carries:



NYRU2055_487_3_SDripping in luxury and finely crafted, these Pilot Bags from Jack Spade definitely won’t let the perennial traveller down and the fact they are available in a multitude of sizes to match your requirements only serves to add to their appeal still further. We’re big fans of Jack Spade here at Coolector HQ and the reason for this is because they regularly release superb accessories such as these Pilot Bags and we’re definitely impressed with their style and functionality.

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