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One’s wallet is, traditionally, an accessory for storing one’s money and, in the past of paper money, was often a rather bulky affair. The dawn of card technology made way for a good deal more minimalism in wallet design and this is something that we’re definitely thankful for at Coolector HQ but wallets might just have become even more versatile and useful courtesy of the Imossi N1 Wallet.

Imossi are a London based brand whose first offering looks to be a home run right off the bat and if you’re on the lookout for a wallet that does much more than just provide safe haven for your array of cards then the N1 from Imossi might just be the perfect choice.

The name of N1 refers to the fact the original idea for the wallet began in a North London (and N1 being the postcode for this area) and it aims to be a clean-cut wallet that does away with unnecessary clutter but ramps up the in the functionality department. Machined from a single block of aluminium with symmetrical edges, the Imossi N1 Wallet is certainly as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and you can check out a few more shots below:

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With room for 6-8 bank cards and an integrated bottle opener on the corner of the wallet, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more suitable accessory for today’s beer loving chap. The Imossi N1 Wallet has RFID protection and a key ring hole in the corner so you can even attach your keys to your wallet should you so please.

The Imossi N1 Wallet will soon be launching on Kickstarter and for anyone in the market for an immeasurably stylish, functional and eye-catching wallet, there can surely be few better choices this summer.

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