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There are plenty of ways in which the apocalypse could come about so it definitely pays to be prepared which is why you should be casting your eye in the direction of a creative agency by the name of In Case Of Emergency and their superb collection of emergency kits that are to be opened in the event of some sort of monster related crisis such as a zombie uprising or an unexpected dust up with a werewolf.

In Case Of are the creative agency of a pair of childhood chums who have a love of all things sci-fi, paranormal and horror and this shared obsession followed them into adulthood and culminated in the creation of the creative design agency responsible for these top notch emergency kits. The craftsmanship of their cases is impeccable and each boasts the pertinent supplies to deal with the different foe you’ll be facing so if it’s zombies you’re up against, crack up the zombie kit with the shotgun, hunting knife and zombie field guide whereas if it’s werewolves that are causing the carnage, there will be silver bullets, musket and protective amulet. Check out a few shots of these awesome emergency kits below:




We’re not overly concerned with a impending zombie uprising and we’re yet to encounter a werewolf that wasn’t an irate dog but there’s no harm in having something to hand should the unexpected happen and there can be few better options that those crafted by a skilled creative agency. In Case Of have so far created four kits and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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