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When it comes to fashion brands, Australia boasts a supremely impressive array of menswear purveyors and one of the latest to have garnered our attention here at Coolector HQ goes by the name of Few And Far Collective who are behind some striking tees and other apparel to suit any stylish chap.

Few And Far Collective are an independently owned Australian brand that aims to craft a bevy of quality and limited edition artwork, collectibles and, of course, clothing and the fantastic design element of their printed tees and other apparel is, of course, right up our street at The Coolector. As may be apparent from some of the product shots you’ll soon see, Few And Far Collective are heavily influenced by the artistic flair that pervades the tattoo industry and they collaborate with a number of artists who are well-known in this sphere to help them create the highly visually impressive apparel and accessories with which they’ve become synonymous.

Each of the materials for the creation of the Few And Far Collective goods have been sourced locally and made by hand in Australia which adds to the appeal of the brand still further and we’re considerable fans of the bold and striking aesthetic of the apparel from this first rate Antipodean brand. Take a gander at some of their finest tees and other apparel below:









There is a great level of universality to the clothing from Few And Far Collective and you don’t need to be a tattoo aficionado yourself in order to appreciate their fantastically stylish fare. Perfect for everyday casual wear, the excellent selection of printed tees from this brilliant Australian brand are definitely our favourites here at Coolector HQ but there is plenty of other wares to keep your eye out for from Few And Far such as shorts, holdalls and caps so whatever form of apparel you’re after, they certainly won’t disappoint.

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