Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Whilst most electric skateboards on the market don’t do a particularly good job of hiding the fact they are motorised, if you’re after something a bit more surreptitious and less obvious but still want the benefits of electricity, the amazing looking and high performing Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard is just the thing for you.

The Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard has radically altered the aesthetics of conventional electric skateboards but, perhaps more importantly, how it feels and performs as well. This impressive looking contraption aims to revolutionise the industry and from we have seen so far here at Coolector HQ, it may well succeed in this mighty lofty ambition.

All Power To You

There are an awful lot of new, eye-catching features inherent in the M1 Electric Skateboard from Inboard and it boasts first rate technology that joins forces with in-wheel motors (so no bulky motor on the frame), a battery that can be swapped over in a matter of seconds and integrated LED lights to give your ride that modern vibe that is sure to appeal to skateboarders old and new.

Capable of a thoroughly impressive top speed of 24MPH and a battery range of 7-10 miles, you’ll be able to really get where you need to go with the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard – which is available for order now. This water resistant construct has dual rear wheel Manta Drive motors, a PowerShift battery, regenerative braking and comes with a Inboard Vision™ Mobile App for data and statistics about your ride.

Measuring 37 inches and weighing in at just 14.5lbs, the M1 Electric Skateboard from Inboard is lightweight as it is versatile and will deliver an impeccable ride from start to finish. Whilst an electric skateboard probably won’t appeal to the hardcore skateboarding fraternity, those looking for a viable means of transportation for commuting to and from work in urban surroundings will be well and truly in their element.

Breathtaking Design

By placing the motors within the wheels, the M1 Electric Skateboard has managed to maintain the same thin profile of a conventional skateboard and will provide you with one smooth ride courtesy of all the features its got going on under the hood. A great piece of design and one that looks like it will shake up the skateboarding industry considerably.

Whilst it’s far from cheap (pre-orders start at $1400), there is an awful lot to appreciate from a style and performance perspective with the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard and we’re in little doubt there will be a lot of people queueing up to get their hands on one of these awesome steeds over the next few months.

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