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Whilst the weather may be beginning to take a turn for the better and it isn’t as bitterly cold as the last few weeks, it’s still definitely jacket weather but perhaps more of the lightweight variety – a fact that draws our attention to the superbly crafted and painfully cool Eiger Field Jacket from the guys at Mission Workshop.

For those who love understated wares overflowing with style and functionality, the Mission Workshop Eiger Field Jacket will be your ideal all weather ally and boasts some mighty impressive features that help to set it apart from the competition. Mission Workshop know what it takes to deliver robust, all-weather jackets and the Eiger Field Jacket looks like being one of their best to date.

Weather Winner

Regardless of the weather conditions that you’re looking to tame with your choice of jacket, the Eiger Field Jacket from Mission Workshop won’t let you down on any level and delivers comfort, style and resilience all rolled into one. Made in conjunction with the brand’s fabric partner, Halley Stevensons, this impressive feat of craftsmanship and design is a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ and will definitely appeal to those who love traditionally styled and crafted jackets.

Crafted in Dundee, Scotland, the 280g/m2 outer shell fabric is not only incredibly robust, weatherproof, and refined but also delivers the sort of aesthetics that today’s modern man will appreciate and makes it suitable for any occasion. The Eiger Field Jacket boasts a 3-point adjustable hood, an impressive array of cargo stash pockets not to mention the incredibly stylish and custom made Italian RiRi snaps.

The quality craftsmanship and first rate materials of the Eiger Field Jacket from Mission Workshop really makes its mark from a style and functionality point of view and you’ll find that it is lined with a soft to the touch, quick-drying nylon for impeccable comfort and durability. Available in three different colours – black, dark olive and tan – you’re sure to find a variety that matches your personal style preferences.

A Coat For All Seasons

Boasting the sort of visuals that never go out of style and the materials that make it suitable for any season, it’s easy to see why the Eiger Field Jacket from Mission Workshop is looking like one of their most popular yet. Working alongside Halley Stevensons who has been making the world’s best wax canvas in their “Baltic Works” factory since 1864 – so you know the jacket comes from good stock.

Originally known as a maker of rainwear for the North Sea fisherman fighting wind and waves off the coast of Scotland , Halley Stevenson are well positioned to craft a quality jacket to protect you from the elements and this collaboration with Mission Workshop delivers a piece of apparel of impeccable quality, authenticity and style.

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