Inboard Technology M1 Electric Skateboard

Skateboarding is a pursuit which has increasingly come to embrace the technological revolution, and the emergence of electric skateboards has skyrocketed in the last few years alone. There are some great brands out there with some awesome accessories but there are none better than Inboard and their M1 Electric Skateboard. The good news keeps on coming with this brilliant device as Inboard are currently redefining free range by giving you a free extra battery with purchase of the M1 until the 21st of October.

The Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard is without doubt one of the most technologically advanced electric boards on the market and when you combine this with its awesome visual impact, you can see why it is rapidly becoming the go to brand for those looking to enjoy this adrenaline packed pursuit. The M1 Electric Skateboard features the most advanced e-board deck ever created. It boasts a custom designed composite deck which combines an inverted 3D Poplar wood core with full sandwich TPU sidewalls and wrapped in the same fibreglass top sheet found in premium snowboards and skis for the ultimate in robust performance.

Speed Demon

Boasting a hair-raising top speed of 22MPH, the M1 Electric Skateboard from Inboard is one of the fastest on the market and this high speed is matched by maximum stability and impressive hill-climbing power, with no jerks or wobbles. As with all electric skateboards, one of the first features you’ll be looking for is the range and with the M1 you’ll get an easy-swap PowerShift Battery, offering maximum power in a portable form. Ride 7 miles per battery (+/- 2 miles depending on rider weight and riding style) and, remember, there is the free battery offer until the 21st October.

The power-shift battery of the M1 Electric Skateboard from Inboard is a real standout piece of tech that is the beating heart behind such impressive performance. It is the world’s first truly swappable battery for an electric skateboard. The readily accessible PowerShift Battery can be swapped out in seconds and can get you on your way again. It’s simple to carry an extra battery in your bag and swap it into the M1 to instantly extend your range.

With an app that lets you control all of the most important elements of the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard, this truly is a steed built for the 21st century. The Inboard App lets you adjust settings, view battery levels, use the Touch Throttle in place of the RFLX Remote, chat with Inboard Support, and upgrade your M1 to the latest firmware, all through an intuitive and simple user interface.

Best in Show

There are an ever increasing number of electric skateboards to choose from but with the M1, you know you’re getting one of the best in the business and all for a sub-$1000 price tag. The M1 Electric Skateboard uses Manta Drive™ technology which has no gears, no belts and no limitations. It delivers smooth acceleration with little resistance to the wheel, allowing the board to glide like a traditional skateboard.

Extremely simple to control, the Inboard M1 uses a RFLX™ Remote to ergonomically and effortlessly stay in your hand, attach to your board, or clip to your backpack so it’s always there when you need it. This allows for intuitive control over acceleration and braking without the worry of dropping the remote, which means you to focus on the most important thing of all – enjoying the ride. Brilliantly priced, superb performance and the chance to get a free battery until the 21st October – what are you waiting for!?

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