INKO Capacitive iPad Cover

If you’ve got an iPad and have long been on the search for a cover that is a little bit out of the ordinary than you can stop your hunt now and say hello to the INKO Capacitive iPad Cover which, let us tell you, looks nothing short of extraordinary.

Designed by Alexandre Echasseriau, who somewhat magnificently managed to combine tattooing, leather work and Electric Paint to produce a capacitive keyboard that slips perfectly over your iPad to produce a stunning looking product with a technological edge.

The INKO Capacitive iPad Cover is both a cover and keyboard and conductive paint was tattooed in the leather itself and transmits the signal from the keyboard to the iPad through a miniature Bluetooth transmitting antenna and as you’ll soon see, it looks incredible. Check out some shots and a video below of the amazing looking INKO Capacitive iPad Cover:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]









More a piece of art than an iPad cover, the INKO Capacitive Cover has left us more than a little impressed here at Coolector HQ and it superbly intermingles the skill of tattooing with the always attractive material of leather and we’re hoping that this stunning piece of design makes its way onto the market before too long.

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