Star Wars Quadcopter

Star Wars fever is increasing every day around Coolector HQ as we wait for J.J Abrams sure to be excellent offering so we spend obscene amounts of time scuttling around the internet looking for awesomeness pertaining to Star Wars to fill our time with until its release and we’ve come across something so painfully awesome it might even rival the film – say hello to the Star Wars Quadcopter.

The Star Wars Quadcopter is the work of Boston based Google engineer (and rather ardent Star Wars fan), Adam Woodworth, who has somewhat magnificently managed to transform a Star Wars toy into a fully operational flying contraption that looks just like the Speeder Bikes from the movie franchise.

Woodworth’s final finished product was made up of all manner of unusual materials such as Nerf darts and pipe cleaner and had a small camera mounted on the front to capture stunning first person action of the maiden flight – which you can check out below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]


Screen shot 2015-03-27 at 08.46.17


It’s hard not to be impressed with Woodworth’s ingenuity in creating such an amazing looking recreation of a vehicle from the Star Wars universe and it just goes to show that with creative talent, you really can modify today’s drones beyond all recognition.

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