Star Wars PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon

We’re not exactly subtle about our love for the Star Wars franchise here at Coolector HQ and will write about awesomeness pertaining to that universe at every opportunity. If, like us, you’ve got a penchant for Skywalker, Solo et al then you’ll likely join us in loving this wonderfully detailed Star Wars PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon, which is a highly accurate and striking recreation of the most famous machine in the movie.

Based upon the Millennium Falcon as it was seen in the 1977 movie, A New Hope, this eye-catching creation is part of the Perfect Grade series, Bandai’s flagship line of premium grade, ultra-detailed plastic model kits. If you love the vehicles of the Star Wars universe, there are none more iconic or appreciated than that of the Millennium Falcon and if you want a brilliant, scaled down version for your workspace, this will certainly fit the bill.

Amazing Attention To Detail

There are, of course, no shortage of Star Wars toys and models on the market but few come with quite as much attention to detail and accuracy in the design as this stunning Star Wars PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon model and we’re loving just how much care has gone into its crafting. For fans of the franchise, it’s important that every element of the design reflects what is witnessed in A New Hope and the team at Bandai have done a great job of ensuring this.

The Star Wars PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon has been crafted with total accuracy in mind and the kit is noticeably based on thorough research of the 67-inch studio model which was used during the filming of A New Hope back in 1977. Each one of these Premium Grade models from Bandai boasts a large amount of detail faithful to the original such as the cockpit and laser cannons and no short-cuts were taken in the creation of this fantastic bit of kit.

With an awful lot of super cool little add ons that really make this Millennium Falcon model stand out from the crowd, including an LED unit which does a great job of lighting up the engines, a landing gear, cockpit, and boarding ramp. In addition to this, this first rate design also has a number of Photo-Etched parts, water-transfer decals, a custom display base and all the guidance you’ll need to help put this snap-fit behemoth together.

Characterful Offering

It’s not just a faithful recreation of the Millennium Falcon that you’ll be getting if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these, as each one also comes with a number of famous faces as well – namely, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan and C3-PO action figures which you can place throughout the structure to complete the Star Wars vibe.

As big fans of Star Wars, and the Millennium Falcon in particular, this spiffing piece of design was always going to resonate with us at The Coolector but it is sure to find plenty of other fans out there desperate to add this to their collection or as a statement piece for their workspace.

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