Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen

We’re staunch advocates of the ethos of the pen being mightier than the sword here at Coolector HQ and that’s why you’ll regularly find us trawling the internet for awesome purveyors of pens and stationery. Well, we were delighted to come across an LA based brand by the name of Inventery recently and one of their cornerstone offerings, the Pocket Fountain Pen, which should be forming part of your EDC line up in 2018.

The Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen is one of the sleekest pieces of stationery we’ve seen in some time here at The Coolector and for those of us that take our stationery seriously, it excels on every level but, most crucially, in terms of design and performance. This excellent piece of EDC boasts a cavalier aesthetic and lets you combine writing sophistication, minimally machined pieces, and an engaging modular assembly.

Perfect Pen For 2018

Though our own penmanship here at Coolector HQ is sadly lacking and a fountain pen might not be within our skillset nowadays, we know there are plenty of people out there with mighty impressive cursive and you’ll not find a better outlet for this than the Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen. This top class piece of stationery boasts a 100mm barrel and comes replete with a 28mm extender for those who like a little extra length to their pens.

The writing quality of this Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen really is second to none and is delivered via the FH241 fountain pen nib unit from SCHIMDT® which has a wing span of 7mm and is crafted from striking stainless steel with an iridium point for extra robustness when used regularly. Pens don’t come much cooler than this and there are plenty of men out there who have a pen as the cornerstone of their EDC line up who will be itching to get their hands on a piece as high performing and visually superior as this one from Inventery.

With a clever, interchangeable writing head (namely, a SCHIMDT® Cartridge-Rollerball System), the Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen is an extremely versatile piece of EDC and both the fountain nib and ballpoint screw effortlessly into the gripper jacket of the section. This superb 100mm barreled Pocket Fountain Pen makes use of disposable ink cartridges, but the Extender Kit comes with a SCHMIDT Refillable K8 Converter – made with two nickel plated bands and a crystal clear ink reservoir – so how you choose to use the pen is up to you.

Modular By Design

We’ve got a soft spot for modular design here at The Coolector and the Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen definitely delivers on this front. With impressive versatility inherent in the design of the Pocket Fountain Pen from Inventery, with the clip mod crafted to screw on to the top end of the cap. This gives you four options — the clip, clipless, keychain, and stylus — so those who seek an excellent pocket carry, elegant appearance, an on-the-go essential, or double-ended writing functionality, this pen does not disappoint.

Looking for the ideal pen to join your everyday carry collection? Well, the Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen definitely gets our vote here at Coolector HQ. Versatile, stylish and robust, this is the sort of pen that will form an integral part of your EDC for years to come and the attention to detail in design and tangible quality to the touch really does set it apart from the competition wonderfully well. Two thumbs up from us. ($150)

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