IPPINKA Wooden Wallet

A wallet is something that more or less every man will own and, for most of us, it is important to showcase a spot of individuality when it comes to our carry. As luck would have it, there are vast swathes of designs, styles and materials available when it comes wallets and the latest to have caught our eye are these awesome looking IPPINKA Wooden Wallets which boast a striking minimalist aesthetic and stylish finish.

IPPINKA Wooden Wallets are handmade from a single piece of premium wood and they have a pull-out leather strip to secure them in place. If you’re a fan of rustic looking wooden products and want a wallet that reflects this then there will be few better options on the market than this cracking offering from IPPINKA. It is a versatile wallet that can carry up to ten cards and, we don’t know about you, but we seldom carry more than that here at The Coolector. Check out a few more shots below:



Wallets are something that we pay close attention to here at Coolector HQ and these from IPPINKA have certainly caught our eye with their first rate craftsmanship and stylish leather strapping. If you’re an outdoorsman with a hankering for a wooden wallet then we’ve no hesitation in recommending these superb looking accessories from New York based design artisans, IPPINKA.


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