Iron & Resin Button Up Shirts

Moto-vibes abound with the awesome apparel from the guys at Iron & Resin and we’ve got a particular penchant for their button-up shirts here at Coolector HQ. If you’re in the market for some eye-catching, classy and comfortable shirts for your summer wardrobe, look no further. Check out our pick of some of Iron & Resin’s best shirts for summer below:

The Camp Shirt ($75)

Understated, soft and comfortable, Iron & Resin’s latest Spring ’21 arrival – The Camp Shirt ($75) – has made a spot in their quiver as a button-up for any adventure or occasion. With its small, yet impactful, camp-inspired detailing, this 100% cotton woven shirts looks pretty awesome whether you’re vagabonding barefoot on the beach, or buttoned all the way up at a backyard BBQ enjoying a craft beer or two. ($75)

Feathers Shirt ($65)

Sometimes you need to dress it up a bit and for those occasions, this ace Feathers Shirt from Iron & Resin ($65) has got your back.  Comb the salt out of the beard, wipe the dirt off your face, or clean up that beach bum look for the summer.  Well, the Feathers Shirt is as clean-cut as the guys at Iron & Resin get and it’s one of our favourite pieces from the American lifestyle brand here at The Coolector. ($65)

Aloha Revival Shirt ($75)

Available in black and navy, the Iron & Resin Aloha Revival Shirt ($75) is not only a head-turner, it’s incredibly soft and feels like your favourite shirt should. With the brand’s custom Aloha Revival print all around, you’ll love this button-up whether you’ll be hitting a day out in the taproom or hitting your local beach break. Could be formal, could be casual — just button it up and you’ll be the man your girl has been dreaming about. ($75)

Wave Searcher Shirt ($65)

If you are one of the lucky ones to call Friday “casual,” then the Wave Searcher Shirt from Iron & Resin ($65) is definitely going to tick all of the right boxes for you. They have dug deep into what they love most with the simplified designs of this devilishly cool shirt. It is simple to wear all day, every day, from land to sea or from sea to land. ($65)

Cody Shirt ($99)

There was a time when dirty faces were the norm, a sign that one was active and enjoying their leisure time. The guys at Iron & Resin are all for it, but at times they know that we have to return to the city and, for that, the Cody Shirt ($99) falls right in that place where the robust and classy meet.  The custom pearl button snaps give it an elegant, gentleman’s touch, but without looking too soft.  Goes neat with a splash touch of whiskey in hand. ($99)

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