Vadolibero Neos Bike Butler

When you’ve got a great looking bike and a flat or apartment where space is really at a premium but you want to keep your steed indoors, finding a viable solution that fits in with your interior design aesthetic is something that is likely easier said than done. Well, no longer, courtesy of this awesome looking Neos Bike Butler from the guys at Vadolibero which isn’t just the sleekest looking bike storage solution, it’s also one of the most functional to boot.

The Vadolibero Neos Bike Butler is the latest in an impressive line of storage options from the Italian brand and this one is a radical departure from their previous offerings from an aesthetic and performance perspective. This first class piece of design isn’t just an excellent means of storing your bike in your house, flat or garage, it’s also one of the most eye-catching and stylish products you’re likely to encounter and the “retro-futuristic” design really is a sight to behold.

Stored in Style

A redefinition of the so-called cyclist’s assistant, this fantastic Vadolibero Neos Bike Butler is as much a contemporary and striking piece furniture as it is a means for keeping your bike in check when not in use and we’re mighty impressed with its versatility here at Coolector HQ. Wonderfully well crafted and cleverly designed to make it as functional as possible, this latest piece from Vadolibero is definitely going to resonate with minimalistic, design loving cyclists who will be clamouring to get one for their own homes.

The Vadolibero Neos Bike Butler isn’t just a means of storing your bike, it also has an additional storage space for all your essential gear and EDC before you set off on a ride and for those that like to be organised before a bike ride, this is certainly something that will be for you. This cleverly designed piece of cycling apparatus whose egg-shaped mysterious case mirrors the style of the base with its stealthy and stylish glossy black finish and delivers a minimalist profile with its sleek lines.

Taking its design inspiration from Pop Art style pieces, the Vadolibero Neos Bike Butler transforms into a retro-futuristic piece of furniture that stands out from the crowd with its sophisticated and elegant design that will seamlessly fit in with any interior design endeavour. Boasting a robust design that is crafted from rigid poliurethane, which is an increasingly common material in the interior design world. Following the injection molding process, each Neos Bike Butler is finished by hand: and the stunning, deep glossy black comes out of six layers hand-varnishing – which will make it shine for a lifetime.

Effortlessly Simple

No assembly is required with the Vadolibero Neos Bike Butler and you can have it up and running in your home in no time at all. This cracking piece of design will be music to the ears of regular cyclists and and its tube-shaped column has an iron core, which has been hand-soldered to the iron platter incorporated in the base in order to enhance both its stability and resistance to wear and tear on a day to day basis.

For any minimalist, cycling enthusiast looking for the perfect means of storing their bike in style, this superb offering from Vadolibero would definitely be getting our vote here at Coolector HQ. Striking design coupled with top of the range materials make this a great addition to any home from a visual and performance point of view and the tangible quality of the product really does speak for itself.

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